Tuesday, December 2, 2008

33w0d: Belly Pics

12/31/08 Here I'm posting something I wrote in early December, but never got around to posting because I didn't "finish" the entry. Now I need to write another one!

OK, OK... I took belly pics. I have been meaning to do so for a long time, so I'm glad that you spurred me into action. Looking at these later, I think it shows how very deceptive these types of photos can be.

These photos were each taken within a few moments of each other at 32w2d (Thanksgiving Day):

It almost seems like in the group shot (3rd), you can't even tell that I'm pregnant. But in real life, there is no denying it!

Today, at 33w0d, I have gained about 26 lbs! I'm still hoping to stay under 35 overall, but I may not make it.

I'm really feeling pretty good. Some days my back hurts, like on Thanksgiving, when I spent much of the day standing and then was leaning over to get stuff from low shelves, etc, throughout the day. I do pee more often, and today it feels like my belly is about to meet my breasts in the middle of my torso.