Sunday, March 16, 2008


And as usual... no symptoms yet. I actually enjoyed the past week. Not needing to worry about an impending ovulation or wondering whether I felt any symptoms. My mom and S both asked me several times whether I felt anything unusual, to which I said, "NO! It's only 2/4/6 DPO!" But from now on, I'll have to really think about it and admit that no, I don't feel anything unusual.

These weekends always fly by so quickly! I got stuck at work until about 9:30 Friday night. This resulted in me getting to bed really late, and then sleeping in for half of the morning on Saturday. After that I played around on-line, and then was sort trapped indoors while S ran to the gym and did some errands, waiting to see whether our HOA's gardener would be dropping off approximately 2 cubic yards (54 cubic feet) of potting soil for our new raised beds / future vegetable garden. He occasionally does errands/hauling and projects (ie fence-building/sprinker repair) for people in our neighborhood to make extra money beyond what the HOA pays him to maintain our front yards. However, he didn't come by. It's OK though, he had said, "either this Saturday or next" so it wasn't like he flaked on us. After that, S returned home and I was able to leave the house to go on a gentle run. I'm not in prime shape right now. Blame a mild cold, followed by months of iffy weather and a busier work schedule... I can still run, but I tend to stop and walk a bit here and there. Don't wanna push my maybe-baby body too hard on implantation day, right?? :)

I then met my mom and sister at Rack for a completely non-productive shopping expedition, followed by an even less productive stop by Lenscr.afters. Two weeks ago, I spent about an hour in Lenscr.afters (by myself) and found four frames that I wanted to show to S or someone else for feedback. I carefully wrote down the designer/brand, style number, color, and size of each pair. Well, yesterday I could only locate one of the frames that I had previously chosen. I asked for assistance, and the employee who was out on the floor informed me that, "those are probably sold out by now." I expressed my disbelief that 3 out of 4 frames would be completely sold out in a two week period, and he basically just shrugged and told me to keep looking on the racks. I sort of loudly expressed my disbelief and disgust with the sympathetic comments of another customer. Soon, the store manager came trotting out, saying cheerfully, "I understand you need help locating some frames." Well, at least she tried, but she then confirmed that they a) keep zero inventory or record of what frames they do or do not have in stock, and b) have zero frames in storage; every frame in the store is out on the shelves, and c) have no idea if or when they may receive a given frame ever again, and d) have no way of ordering an out-of-stock frame. What a stupid business model!!

After a disastrous attempt at trying to eat a quick meal in a nice restaurant in Bal.boa Park (we arrived too late without a reservation, and even the bar was 100% full with many people already waiting for a seat), S and I ended up eating a non-romantic dinner at McDonald's! There are zero quick options in the vicinity, and we didn't want to be late for the Ban.ff Mountain Film Festival at the Natural History Museum. This was our second year attending, and it is really great! The 6 films ranged from 9 to 60 minutes, with topics ranging from snowkiting in Norway, to kayaking in Reunion/Norway/Canada, to base-jumping across the world, to crazy mountain biking in British Columbia to climbing ice in abandoned Swedish mines. If you like the outdoors, I would highly recommend this film festival. It's actually different films on each of three days, and I regret that we can't attend of the other days, too. It has been completely sold out for both of the past two years.

Today was another lovely sleep-in morning followed by a long hike in Miss.ion Tr.ails Regional Park. Again, tons of wildflowers, and S and I actually explored a section of the park where we have never been before. We didn't see another human being in that area, and we're definitely going to go back that way because we don't know how far north you can go along these certain trails. Next we went on a mongo-grocery run, and pretty soon we're going to prepare a nice meal. Ahhhhh....weekend bliss.

I wish my bliss could last, but I'm sure that I'll start feeling grouchy once I return to work tomorrow AM, and as the reality (IVF/ICSI! soon!) of a few more days without symptoms sinks in.


Lauren said...

I know it's hard, but try not to think too far ahead of where you are right now. (As I say that, my inner controlling self is yelling--"But I want to be prepared!") It's hard to focus on right now when you know what may be down the road.

Glad you enjoyed your weekend despite the Lenscrafters flop!

Cindy Nguyen said...

Sounds like a good weekend. I love Balboa Park. The photo on my screen saver is of hubby and I there with the lilly pond in the background. That festival sounds really neat!

I hope you are implanting right about now. Everything crossed for you!