Wednesday, January 7, 2009

38w1d: Physical Symptoms of Pregnancy (or lack thereof)

OK, this is one of those posts in which you're going to decide to either love me or hate me. Mainly, because I think I've been SO fortunate in terms of physical symptoms related to this pregnancy. When I think about the average pregnant woman out there, I kinda figure, "well, I went through so much more than they did to get pregnant (IVF, $$$$, and then the whole OHSS fiasco) and I deserve this nice and easy pregnancy!" However, I know that a lot of you go through infertility and then still have to deal with a lot of unpleasant pregnancy symptoms. So please, read no further if this is going to make you irritable. I just want to write this all down so that I can remember it in the future.

I hope it doesn't mean that childbirth is going to be a wild ride.

Nausea / morning sickness:
No, never had it. Maybe twice, I felt the sensation of "oooh, I'm hungry, and I can imagine that I could get nauseated if I don't eat something soon." I ate something, and the feeling went away completely.

Breasts: Never hurt. Grew a bit, but my bras seemed to have plenty of room to accomodate them (Pre-pregnancy, I guess I tended to buy a larger size than I really needed). I finally bought one new bra about a week ago. I started noticing a bit of colostrum (with squeezing) on 12/24...very exciting!

Back pain:
A couple of times, especially on the day after exercising. I think I took Tylenol two or three times. Really, no big deal at all.

Two or three times, I think. And at least 2 times, it lasted for more than 24 hours. They were mild migraines, but annoying. I usually get them once or twice a month, so two or three times in 9 months was actually pretty good.

Yes, exactly once, and I think this was maybe around 20 weeks. It was pretty bad in that it hurt when I took a deep breath and felt like a gripping feeling in my throat. Once I figured out what it was, I went to Target and bought a bunch of Pepcid and TUMS. I took a total of one Pepcid. I'm still taking the TUMS, mainly because I think they are yummy like candy, and they also work as a calcium supplement. The heartburn has never come back.

Swelling: None so far. Well, my rings actually fit a bit better than normal in that they are not falling off, but they are not at all tight. Alos, my belly has weird indentations from my pants. But my feet/ankles haven't been swollen so far.

Stretch marks: None so far. (fingers crossed!!)

Hemorrhoids: OK, I do have these. I can feel them protruding and I imagine that they are pretty ugly to look at. However, they have bled or thrombosed, and they are not painful. So far, my grossest observation is the fact that the hemorrhoid cream that I bought (again from Target) smells like FISH! Then I looked at the ingredients and one of them is "shark liver oil." How disgusting! Why would I want to mix the smell of fish with any other smells from that part of my anatomy? UGH!!

Constipation: Um, yes, but not much worse than what I normally get when not pregnant.

Urination: Yes, I guess I get up to pee maybe 2-4 times per night instead of 1 time which is more typical for me. But it hasn't really bothered me. 99% of the time, I go back to sleep instantly.

Sleeping issues: None whatsoever other than having to get up and pee. Otherwise I am sleeping really well.

Moodiness: Nope. I have been pretty happy the entire time. I have been anxious at times, especially early on, but not moody / bitchy or anything like that. As far as I know, at least. :)

I think all of my gloating is giving me a bit of a headache, actually! No, really. I think I will go pop a Tylenol and go to bed now. Yawn!!


alison said...

Ha - I could almost carbon copy this list for myself. We've been very lucky indeed. :)

poppy.f.seed said...

I think it is wonderful you've had such a good pregnancy. Esp., as you say, after the trials to become pregnant. I hope labor is as simple!

Emily said...

I think it's great that you have felt so good. You paid your dues ;)
Enjoy your last couple of weeks!!!

ashley said...

You more than deserve a symptom free pregnancy. You've been through enough just to get pregnant so I'm happy for you.

Jill said...

Wow. You HAVE been a lucky momma! Hope your delivery is equally easy!

sara said...

Heck even with my rocky pregnancy, I couldn't be happier for you that things are going great! I think all infertiles deserve smooth sailing so it's great when things go smoothly for one of us. That is awesome and someone as nice as you certainly deserves to have good things happen! ((hugs))