Thursday, January 29, 2009

Annalise is Here!

I am thrilled to announce that our daughter,
Annalise Lily B____ arrived Monday, January 26th, at 7:03 pm
40 weeks, 6 days (induced)
7 lbs, 15 oz
21 1/4 inches

We are all doing great and we came home from the hospital early Wednesday afternoon.
I will post pics and then later, hopefully today but no guarantee. ;)
I also need to post her birth story, of course!
Thank you all for your good wishes!


ashley said...

Yay!!!!!!!! Congratulations! I imagine it just feels surreal! Can't wait to see the pics, I'm sure you are more than busy. So happy for you.

Soapchick said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful name for your precious new daughter. Enjoy motherhood!

alison said...

Congrats to you!! :)

poppy.f.seed said...

congratulations! can't wait to see a pic!

Blue said...

Fabulous news - huge congrats!! Looking forward to the details and the baby pics.

Cindy Nguyen said...

Yeah!!! Congratulations Mama!! Love the name

Morrisa said...

Congrats! Can't wait to hear the birth story!!

Tam said...

Congratulations !!! Beautiful name :)
Cant wait to see pics and hear the birth story :)


Emily said...

Congratulations! What an amazing journey. I love her name! Can't wait to read the birth story and see some pics!

Lorrie said...

What a lovely name! Congratulations!!!! Can't wait for the pictures and the birth story.

maylily18 said...

congratulations! :)

Hilary (Maya Papaya) said...

A warm and heartfelt congratulations! Love the name.

Can't wait to see those pics!

...Oh and by the way, the fun has just begun! You're going to love being a new mum :)