Tuesday, February 19, 2008

14 DPIUI#3

Argh! A temp spike to 98.5 F this AM (after decreasing to 98.2 F over the weekend) ruined my plans for quiet acceptance of another negative cycle. I've now spent the past 15 hours or so poking at my breasts and wondering... But I'm trying not to read much into it.

1) I may be 14 DPIUI, but I may only be 13DPO... at least that's what the Ovusoft computer program tells me.
2) I have had many episodes of high temps at 13DPO. It's really not that unusual for me.
3) Any sensations in my breasts (which are very very faint, if even there) and pelvis have occurred before. From what I understand, early pregnancy breasts are quite noticeable. This isn't something I would notice if I wasn't obsessing.

I am trying to keep my anxiety at a low profile because I don't want to set up S for disappointment. I'm thinking that I'll wait to see what the next day or two of temps bring before I decide whether to trek over to the Dollar Tree store. Yes, I have a box of 2 digital HPTs in my closet, but I told myself that I am saving those for a special occasion... like the day when I get a strip with two lines on it. Luckily, I have lots of other work to keep me busy, but it is hard not to get distracted.


Alisa said...

I swear - you're killing me. I will tell you that with my last miscarriage (which turned out to be molar - yay), even though my numbers were fine, the dollar tree tests barely picked it up. I mean, it was positive, but not nearly as dark as I would have thought given what my levels were on my beta the next day. I then had to go buy some FREDs and EPTs to confirm (let's turn a qualitative test into a quantitative test, shall we?), so in the end, it actually cost me MORE :)

Meghan said...

Good signs. And I have to say that my boobs didn't kick in until my 3rd beta or so (about 18-19 dpiui) so stop poking the girls!

Thinking lots of good thoughts for you

Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

The breast tenderness usually comes a little bit later. I had it early but that was only because of the progesterone I was on. You really shouldn't be feeling much, if anything at all right now.

C'mon and test already!! I'm DYING of suspense here!!