Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Embarazada

I'll cut to the chase: No, I'm not pregnant... "no embarazada"... one line... BFN.

My high temps this morning apparently messed with my mind, because I started feeling like maybe my breasts were doing something and I was having occasional mild twinges in my uterus area all day. Kinda similar to 2 months ago, I felt a sense of inner calm and kept thinking, "Ah, so maybe this is what it feels like to be pregnant. Now I finally know."

I debated all day, but decided to test this evening. I needed to buy a test first, though. My initial plan was to drive to Dollar Tree, but it is significantly out of the way from my evening commute, so I decided to "splurge" on a "real" HPT instead.

I stopped at Long's Drugstore and perused the selections. I wanted something sensitive, but not expensive. I randomly chose "Answer Early Result" based on the fact that it is a pink, two line test (rather than a blue or plus/minus test), and that the "Early Result" in the name kinda implied that it's a sensitive test.

Anyway, I then had to do a full grocery shopping trip. Finally, I came home... and then forced myself to bring in multiple loads of groceries AND take out the recycling AND put the garbage out for tomorrow AM, all before testing. Well, I finally cracked at that point and rushed upstairs to do the test, leaving about 6 bags full of groceries out on the kitchen counter. S wasn't home yet, and I was just hoping that tonight would be the night that I got to say, "Honey...guess what?" when he walked through the door.

But, no such luck. This Answer test had nothing but bad news for me. After I could clearly see that it was negative, I pried open the case for a better look... still negative. And then I looked up the test on ... unfortunately, it's a very sensitive (25 mIU/mL) test. So, I tend to believe it.

The ironic thing PM temp was very very high (99.7F). You're not supposed to follow those, but I do it sometimes anyway. I know that they usually run lower than that, especially at this point in the cycle.

Oh, blah. On to Cycle 15, our last chance before IVF.


Alisa said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry. I believed that this month might have been the month for you as well.

Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

Ah man. I'm sorry sweetie.

alison said...

Ugh, that sucks. I'm so sorry. Here's to hoping that this cycle is the magical one!

I used a couple of those Answer tests last fall but I never really liked them. I'm not sure why. Obviously they were accurate for me, but they never really seemed to be working as I thought they should.

Jen said...

Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap! I'm so sorry. This just sucks.

JJ said...

Damn evil pee sticks...Im so sorry Sarah...