Wednesday, December 12, 2007

8DPIUI: Feeling Better Down Below

Obligatory girl parts update: Well, my symptoms are still there, but they have improved quite a bit. I think it is helping to use some lubricant to soothe it when I insert the suppository. I still wonder if it's some kind of allergy, though. As I read everything I could find on-line, some people are allergic to the material in the capsules, etc. I appreciate all of you who offered input and support!

Obligatory IUI update: 8DPIUI and (likely) 7DPO. My temps are still looking good. No symptoms whatsoever so far. Hey, isn't progesterone at least supposed to make me feel pregnant? Something? What is this breast tenderness that "normal people" get every month when they ovulate, get their period, take progesterone, or take birth control pills? I've now done all of these things and I don't think I have ever in my life had sore breasts. What's wrong with my breasts??

I left part of this as a comment on Alison's blog, but I thought I'd share with the rest of you. A few weeks ago, S and I were woken up at about 4 AM by some scratching in our ceiling. I was really trying to forget that it had ever happened, because the idea of sharing our house with a critter of some kind really freaks me out. Unfortunately, I knew it was real since S remembered the incident too.

Unfortunately, the scratching in the ceiling sound returned last weekend. It was pretty loud, so S suspected a RAT. I absolutely cannot stand the thought of dealing with it (or even seeing it), and I'd rather just hire a "professional." This is kinda ironic, because I'm definitely the more frugal person in our marriage. Anyway, S wanted to try to set traps, etc.. I reluctantly agreed as long as he does EVERYTHING. I don't want to touch the traps, bait them, check them, or deal with any potential dead rats!

Well, he set 4 traps on Sunday (placing them outside but near a potential entry point). Monday, nothing happened. Well, I lied, because I did start looking at the traps, but I only look at them from like 15 feet away until I see that they are empty. Anyway, by Tuesday I was shocked to see that every last lick of peanut butter was gone from those traps, but the traps had not sprung closed. It turns out that S had not set them just right, so last night, he rebaited them. He was sure that we were going to catch something now, since "something" had obviously eaten the peanut butter.

As of this morning, nothing. But as of this evening...we apparently caught our first RAT!! S threw it in the trash can before I got home, and I'm too scared to even look at it. I'm so glad he's taking care of this one 100%. :)

Unfortunately, rats (specifically "roof rats," as opposed to "Norway rats") are apparently pretty common here in San Diego. They love to live in palm trees and iceplant. For that reason, I don't like palm trees or iceplant. I have had some dealings with mice in the past, but I've never knowingly co-habitated with a rat! I really can't stand the idea! I'm still trying to assure myself that the rat was never actually "in" our house. It was just in the wall/ceiling...and that's not the same. Right?

Anyway, I am glad it is dead. I hope there aren't many more. (I'm going to keep deluding myself that it was the only one. And in a few days, S is going to patch the suspected entry point.) But yeah, we're still setting traps, too.


Meghan said...

Glad your parts are starting to feel better

and ugg about the rat. Just reading gave me goosebumps, you're a brave woman for checking those traps!

alison said...

Argh. Blogger ate my last comment. :(

Glad things are feeling better! And thanks for the Provera assistance, that makes me feel better.

Sorry about the rat, that sucks. I've never seen a rat. I don't think we have them in Nebraska. You know, no palm trees and all... :)

Lauren said...

I feel you on the scratching in the ceiling. I've heard something in our ceiling/wall a few times over the last several weeks, and I'm still telling myself it's "nothing." I think M's going to have to investigate--because I sure won't!

Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

I didn't feel A THING until 5dp5dt (equivalent to 10 dpo). And even then, I'm not sure what I was feeling was related to pregnancy. Progesterone is a funny much are you taking?

Sorry to hear about the rat. I had rats as pets when I was younger and I love them. But I'm not sure I'd want a "wild roof rat" roaming above my head....sheesh!

sarah23 said...

Thanks for all of your comments. I'm now scared to look at the traps again. I don't want to see a dead rat. I spent part of the morning reading about roof rats and I now know more than I ever wanted to know. I've now learned that they love citrus. We do have a lemon tree and a lime tree, so I'm going to have to make sure and get rid of any fruit that falls on the ground.

I haven't had a pet rat, but I think I could deal with that (although it probably wouldn't be my first choice of pet). But there is something about these wild ones in the ceiling that just gives me the heebie jeebies.

In answer to Hilary's question,
I'm taking 200 mg, 3x day of the vaginal progesterone.

Cindy Nguyen said...

Glad you're feeling better!

When I walk through the ally behind our house there are a lot of phones and electrical lines and I've seen rats running across them. Gross! I even saw a super fat one and was wondering how he could manage on a wire.

Sometimes I think I hear them behind the walls in our place, too but I'm never quite sure if I've dreamed it or not. Having a cat definitely helps!

Testing is right around the corner for both of us....I'm getting nervous.

infertility just sucks said...

I think I would have FREAKED OUT if I saw a dead rat in a trap in my house.

I live in fear that my dog will bring home a similar "present" occasionally.
Just thinking about it gives me the creeps! I am so glad the rat is gone now.

sarah23 said...

Just to clarify, the dead rat in the trap was found OUTSIDE the house (along the garage wall). I keep reminding myself of that. My home is still a sanctuary... right?? :)

Katie said...

Glad things are going better with your girly bits. That rat thing is AWFUL and I hope it is gone, gone, gone and that it left no friends behind.