Sunday, December 2, 2007

OPKs still negative...

I'm kinda stressing out that my OPK is still negative while I have this beautiful eggwhite CF going on! Also, my left ovary is still aching. I kinda wanted to get busy with S tonight, but he wants to let himself "build up" for the best possible count on IUI day. Meanwhile, I'm concerned that it is going to get stale! Or, even worse, I'm concerned that even with twice daily OPKs that I will somehow miss the LH surge. If that were to happen, we'd barely have a chance at catching the egg(s), as our last action on Friday is now seeming like a long time ago.

Beautiful day today... cool, breezy, but clear air from the recent rains. S and I went out to M.ission T.rails regional park in hopes of seeing some of the streams running. Well, the river was flowing, but the minor streams were still mostly dry. However, the trees were pretty with their yellow leaves, and we saw a coyote, too! He was trotting up a steep hillside, and I only spotted him because he was moving against a bare area for a moment. As soon as he reached the usual chaparral part and stood still, he became completely invisible in the landscape! That is the second coyote that S & I have seen recently. The first was in the canyon right near our house, and we were really close to that one. I always thought they were more nocturnal, but apparently not! Last time we were at this park, we saw a rattlesnake, so it is always interesting.

I hope I understand the purpose of putting d.ots in w.ords like It's to throw off search engines, right? Well, I don't mind if someone searching "Clomid IUI morphology" finds my blog, but I don't want someone who is looking for info on the above park to find it!

We had a good time at dinner last night with P&L. The subject of IF did not come up! Today I was talking to another one of my friends (she's a primary care MD) and she kinda implied that she didn't think that IUI for MFI seemed like a very logical idea. GRRR! I know she didn't mean to be negative, but I didn't like hearing it. She took over 1 year to conceive her first, and then just TTW (tried to whatever) and conceived her second, and is now pg with #3... who seems to be sort of an oops!

I gotta go get some work done. I have Monday's VA clinic and Tuesday's breast clinic to prepare for! Not to mention that whole "applying for a job" thing. (Blech!)


alison said...

Hi there - I found your blog through Mel's connections abound. I hope you get your O very soon and that the IUI goes well!!

Lola said...

Hi! I too found your blog through Connections Abound.

I'm with you on adding the dots. I just did it for the first time in a post today, thinking it's to make sure people don't find it on a search engine when they're looking for random things like Carnival Cruises or something. (Or in my post's case, Jimmy Buffett!)

Cindy Nguyen said...

Is it positive yet? Good luck tomorrow!

Meghan said...

Hoping you get that surge soon!

(and I think they say every other day for MFI) regardless, they'll want some fresh ones for the IUI. We got our booty prescription the same night I triggered so everything would be good the day of the IUI

sarah23 said...

Hi everyone and welcome to all of the new commenters! Thanks you all for stopping by. I am trying to get a bunch of work done tonight, but I'll check out all of your blogs in more detail over the next few days. Good luck to all of you!