Saturday, December 1, 2007

Aching Ovary, Aching Hearts

It's probably just a psychological after-effect of having that ultrasound yesterday, but I feel like my left ovary is kinda aching. I'm just picturing these two big follicles there, growing and growing and getting ready to POP!

My OPK is still negative, though. I just hope I don't miss the O day altogether. We got busy last night, just in case. We probably won't do so again until after the IUI because Scott wants a few days to "build up his supply." I think they recommend that for guys with MFI issues. On the other hand, I hope I O on or before Tuesday because we don't want "stale" sperm in there, either.

We're having dinner tonight with our friends, P & L, who had IUI and IVF in the past. Unfortunately, I don't think we can talk about it with them because it never worked out for them. See, the guy P is a colleague of mine, and we went to an out of town conference last spring. I was hanging out with him and another coworker one night, and kinda lamenting my (at that point) 5-6 months of inability to get pg. (Yes, I am pretty good friends with these particular male co-workers! We are all married.) P was kinda tipsy when he told me that he and L had gone thru varicocele repair, IUI, and IVF, all without success. I don't know if he ever would have told me without being half-drunk, and I don't know if his wife L knows that I know, and I don't know whether it's an incredibly sensitive and raw topic to her. So while I would probably learn a lot from hearing about their experiences, I don't think I'll be bringing it up tonight. P tells me that the long term plan is to adopt, possibly from China. (They are both Chinese-American, incidentally.) I truly hope that they have a child someday, no matter how that happens. I know that they will be great parents.


Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

Of course you can add a link to my blog on yours... as long as I can do the same!

Thanks for your comments :)

Hekateris said...

I came over from Stirrup Queens and thought I'd say howdy.

A word on the Metformin, I have PCOS and it never helped me get pregnant (IVF was our only option). Good luck on the IUI - although I have to admit I'm surprised they didn't send you straight to IVF, too!


Meghan said...

Just clicked on over from Mel's Lost and Found. I'm in the 2ww following my first IUI. Hope those ovaries stop aching and you get your +OPK soon. Good luck with everything

Cindy Nguyen said...

timing these things are such a pain! Hopefully it will be soon!

Meghan said...

Hey Sarah, hope you check this

Mr H's initial SA came back with 6% morph, according to the strict standards. My gyno said that was way to low and immediately refered us to an RE and said (and I quote) "we'd be lucky to get an IVF baby". Needless to say, I was not happy. Our RE says that the jury really is out on morph, he says it does not seem to interfere with actually fertilizing an egg but it may impede swimming. He said with only our morph low, there was no reason for us not to start with IUI, since the sperm don't have to travel as far. And that is wasn't necessarily what was stopping us from getting pregnant....hence the unexplained diagnosis.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions. I did a ton of research on it back in March when we got diagnosed. Feel free to email me
meghan(dot)e(dot)hoffman AT gmail


sarah23 said...

Thank you all so much for your comments! Meghan, I appreciate the info. My RE was saying the same thing about morphology (and ours was only 1%), so I hope that there's some truth to it. Strangely, S's motility was pretty normal.

Cindy Nguyen said...


Sounds like you are getting some good info from these comments.

Regarding your question, we did my IUI based on the fact that I have historically ovulated days 14-16 for last 18 months. Friday was cd 15, and my opk was almost positive. Really dark line but not quite positive, and was having lots of egg white cm, so we went for it. Might have been too early, but Monday would have been too late. The damn weekend got in the way, since sperm place isn't open on weekends.

The Dr. said I was ovulating based on the position of my cervix, but I have very little confidence in my Dr. I'm just going to her because my insurance referred me and they pay for part of it.

I don't mean to sound so negative, I'm actually quite hopeful after the IUI.

Sounds like you are on for Tuesday, and are on top of all the O signs. Yay! Go spermies go!