Sunday, April 20, 2008

Follistim Dose Increase

I went in for my first E2 level at the RE's office this morning. A few hours later, they called me and told me to increase my Follistim dose from 100 IU to 125 IU each night. I then asked what my E2 level was... it was 47. I don't know what it's "supposed" to be at this point, however. I guess I can ask that question tomorrow morning. I will be at the RE every day from now on until after the egg retrieval. I wonder if my slow start means that my ER will be a few days later than expected.

My stomach is getting a few more bruises, and after tonight's Follistim dose, I can literally feel the lump of fluid just sitting in the tissue. I wonder what it would feel like to inject a volume that was 2 or 3 times greater. Yowza. I think I might also ask if I can start giving some of my doses into other locations like the upper hips or something like that.

I remembered to ask about my cystic fibrosis carrier test results today. I was negative for the 32 most common mutations, which was good to hear. (I had suspected as much since they never told me otherwise, but I had never heard the official results.)

I also inquired about whether it was still OK for me to go running at this point. The nurse said yes for now, but that I might not feel up to it in a week or so when my ovaries are really huge. They'll also let me know based on the ultrasounds if I should stop. (I'm assuming this is to try to prevent ovarian torsion). In the meantime, I'm going to keep going. After all, I run, but I'm not setting any speed records. Since the daily early morning blood drawing appointments are going to impact my usual Tuesday/Thursday morning runs, I might ask my friend A, a nurse practicioner from work, if she wants to go on some jog/walks around campus or up the hill from La Jolla Sh.ores (a local beach) in the late afternoons. That's the run that I did after my appointment today, and it was really beautiful.

S and I rented last night. I had been reluctant to see it in the theater because of the whole premise of watching a movie about someone who was pregnant but didn't want to be. I have to admit that I liked it, though. I was also relieved with the way that it turned out in the end. I have been crying at almost every movie I've seen lately, and this was no exception. :) I like getting emotionally involved enough in the stories to do that.


Jill said...

Hey Sarah! I did name my blog after "Juno." I loved that movie, although it was quite moving for those of us going through IF. I wanted to name it "Tomorrow is Another Day" from Gone With The Wind, but it was already taken!

Thanks for your thoughtful comments to me on my blog. I'm doing better today. Heading in for my suppression check here soon.

So sorry about the stonach bruising! That bites! No matter how good the "technique", it can still happen. As far as your "slow start", it's still too early to tell. Your ovaries mat kick it in and your ER may still land on 4/28. I hope so--I know what a pain scheduling is during this stuff.

Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

Wow this is all getting so exciting! Sounds like things are coming along really nicely!!

Are you sure you want to venture down to your upper thigh? I think that would be SOOO much more painful.

As for the running, when I was going through the process, everyone told me to take it very easy. Especially when you're stimming. Let your blood and energy go to our ovaries and uterus, your muscles can wait... But that's just my opinion.

Oh and PS - 23 is my lucky number because it's supposed to be a "mystical" and "magical" number in many cultures. I remember reading about it somewhere and liking the number ever since. I also like 7 and 8 :)

Wishing you so much luck with this cycle!!! Reading with bated breath...

Pink said...

HI Sarah! I just found your blog and I am on Day 5 too! I go in tomorrow for E2/Sono. My first e2 results was 106. I think that is low also. We'll see! Good luck!

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