Friday, April 18, 2008

Obligatory Medication Photo

I swear that the collection of meds (and especially the number of needles and syringes) looked even more impressive in person. S was literally shocked to see this pile! Personally, I like the fact that I have my very own sharps container. Just what I always wanted!! :)

My first doses of Menopur (75 IU this morning, along with Lupron 5 units) and Follistim (100 IU this evening) went fine. Menopur was a little tricky because they included a lot of instructions about using a needleless system for drawing up the saline and transferring into the vial with the powder. However, this seemed more confusing than just using a needle, so I did it the old-fashioned way. I was also confused about the fact that the saline vial contained 2 cc of normal saline, but it seems that you are only supposed to use 1 cc to dilute the Menopur powder, and you can presumably discard the rest. Not to mention that I was chatting on the phone (hi K!) and trying to get ready for work as I was doing this, so it was a little bit overwhelming. I took my time and gave my full concentration to using the Follistim pen this evening, so that one went smoothly. I have no symptoms of any kind yet, except for the fact that my period is coming to a rapid halt. I'm somehow afraid that I'm going to forget a dose of something at some point. Yikes!

Since I'm always complaining about the cost of IVF, I'll take this moment to complain about the cost of something else -- gas! I set a new record today: I have now paid over $40 to fill up the tank on my little Honda Civic!! It used to cost me about $13 for a fillup, but at this point it was 10+ gallons, and $3.82 per gallon for the cheapest available gas. Luckily, I get pretty good mileage and don't drive more than 10-15 miles per day, so it should last me for a couple of weeks. However, I fail to see how suspending the gasoline tax over the summer (McCain's proposal) will really help the economy. I don't think that saving a couple of cents or a dollar here and there will affect the budget of the majority of people, but decreasing gas taxes (which generally fund transportation projects, as far as I understand) may just make road maintenance and new road construction come to a halt.

OK, I'm starting to fall asleep sitting here (I guess I'm even boring myself by talking politics for a minute), so I'm probably better off going to bed now. Good night, everybody!


Mirjam said...

I totally agree with you that no tax on gas will solve problems. What a stupid idea from McCain.
Then I wanted you to know that $40 for a full tank is nothing. In the Netherlands to fill up my tiny rabbit costs $80. Justified I think, it's a waste to burn oil if not absolutely necessary.
You can make a difference! Demand cycle tracks, so you can go with the bike to the store. Freedom!
The US has to change their car-focused society I think.

That about politics. Very impressive the amount of drugs. Go for it!

Lauren said...

Hi Sarah, that's a large load of meds and needles! You sound to be in really good spirits about it all though, and that's great.

About the pineapple, I did buy one can of the pineapple chunks in juice, just to see if I liked it better. I'll try it tomorrow. And we go to the Orange Beach area in Alabama. Technically, it's Perdido Key, just inside the Florida line, but more people are familiar with Orange Beach. At least in Alabama!

And I'll use this opportunity to plug our beaches for anyone who's looking for a vacation spot! We have the most gorgeous white sand beaches and blue water. Most people think Florida is the only one with a beach along the gulf coast, but Alabama beaches are wonderful! (End of plug.)

Jill said...

I'm glad to hear that the shots are going well! That's great news! I hope everything continues to go great for you (including a BFP at the end)!