Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stim Day 9 / Ultrasound / Coasting

I was about as happy as can be after my appointment today. But now I'm a bundle of nerves and anxiety.

Dr A did my ultrasound this morning. My endometrium was 19mm, "a little thick" but still OK. He reassured me that they only worry when the lining is too thin. Now I'm googling and finding some studies that say that "too thick" (> 14 mm) is bad, and others that say that it doesn't matter. I feel like I can deal with this.

During the ultrasound, even I could see that the follicles had grown quite a bit since yesterday. On the right, the largest were 18 and 16 mm. On the left, the largest was 17 mm. He didn't measure any others, but there were lots more and he said that I would have "plenty" of eggs.

Afterwards, I was asking one of the nurses a few questions about the logistics of retrieval day. Then, I asked about day 3 versus day 5 transfer, and which is more common. She lowered her voice and said, "Honestly, Sarah, your cycle is going so perfectly. I honestly think that you will have a day 5 transfer."

So I left there as happy as can be and shared the news with S and my mom. I then did a brisk walk up the hill from La Joll.a Shores. It was one of the most beautiful days that I can remember - warm air, blue cloudless sky and ocean, and tons of flowering trees everywhere. This is the same route that I jog/walked last Sunday, but today I was chatting happily on the phone and was deciding to give my ovaries a little TLC by skipping the running part. Next, I went to Target to pick up some household stuff and toiletries. As I was pulling out of the driveway, the RE's office called.

My E2 level is now up to 3141 (more than double from yesterday... how did that happen?) and I need to STOP both Follistim and Menopur. I will continue Lupron. This is called coasting, and it is supposed to help prevent OHSS. Basically, they wait until your E2 starts decreasing and then give you the HCG shot at that point. Of course I googled it, and while pregnancy is still possible, the rates are lower than with non-coasting cycles. The worst case scenario is that ER gets cancelled altogether (because the HCG shot itself can make OHSS worse). They didn't mention that scenario on the phone, but I'm worried that this could happen.

Writing about this here is making me even more scared. I might even call them back to discuss. I think my chances of getting Dr A himself on the phone are near zero, but maybe a nurse can reassure me. Of course, this being Saturday, I'm afraid that they may already be gone for the day.


sarah23 said...

The office was already closed when I called. I'm still stressing, but trying to distract myself and remain calm.

Jill said...

Hey Sarah,

Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and that I hope everything goes well with your cycle. I know it can be really scary, but so far you've been doing great, so try not to be discouraged. Lots of girls coast and still do well. GL!

Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

Try not to stress and please stay away from Dr. Google. I know, much easier said than done and you're probably LOLing right now since this is coming from ME since I have a serious problem with making too many appointments with Dr. Google myself.

Your doctors are taking good care of you and please don't forget that everything was going "perfectly". No IVF cycle is without its hurdles. There is always something, big or little, to worry about. Thinking of you and wishing the best.

And please remember also that "coasting" is not at all uncommon. Hang in there!

Pink said...

Yes, stay off of Dr. Google. I know its hard not to because I do it!! But its scaring you and the RE Nurse said all is good, so I think you'll be fine. My lining was at 11 today and my biggest follicle is 18 also. I don't have as many as you though. :( They are calling me with my E2 results this afternoon, sunday. Good luck!! We'll be preggars soon!

Cindy Nguyen said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for you.

I don't know anything about coasting so I wish I could be more help with that. I just know you are doing everything right thats within your control. EVERYTHING. Stay brave.