Sunday, May 11, 2008

7DP5DT - Hope Creeps In

No, I'm not talking about any kind of faint line or lines. I haven't checked that yet.

The only reason I'm suddenly thinking maybe is that my "OHSS" symptoms are back. As a recap, during the 5 days between ER and ET, my stomach felt tight and distended. It almost hurt to walk, and looking in the mirror, I felt like I looked 3-4 months pregnant. I gained 5.2 lbs over 2 days. I never really talked to the RE about it to get an "official" diagnosis of OHSS, because it wasn't that bad and I didn't want my ET to be in jeopardy in any way. Surprisingly, these symptoms pretty much disappeared on the day after ET, and my weight went back to normal.

Well, Friday night, overnight I woke up a couple of times and thought, "oh, it's back." Now, it's a little hard to say because I ate a large meal on Friday night which could have contributed, but it felt pretty much exactly the same as the symptoms of the week before. And it continued all day yesterday and is still there this morning.

The only reason that I'm kinda pleased with all this is that OHSS is supposed to "flare" when people get pregnant. Somehow the HCG causes it, so the first round was set off by the trigger shot, and maybe round two is set off by ???? Still no "other" symptoms, though.

I might test later today. I bought some crappy HPT's from the 99 cent* store yesterday. I actually trust the HPT's ("New Choice" brand) from "Dollar Tree," but I don't know about these other completely unknown ones. If I see a ghost of anything, I have a "real" HPT and even a digital stashed somewhere in my closet. I've always promised myself that I will not use a digital unless I see a pretty definite line.

Anyway, I'm waiting until at least later in the day because we are having my mom/dad/sister over for brunch and I don't want to be in a bad mood for that. Left to my own devices, I might even wait until tomorrow or Tuesday, but S is kinda eager to see the result. In case it's a negative, he wants the time to deal with a disappointment before we leave on our vacation (Thursday).

Basically our trip has two potential scenarios. We are going to Paris and then wandering around the French countryside:

1) not pregnant, disappointed, having my period at the beginning, but probably having a normal feeling stomach and able to enjoy wine, cheese, and occasional sex**
2) pregnant, possibly needing to waddle around due to OHSS, continuing daily PIO injections, not able to drink wine, eat (many) cheeses, or have sex, but BLISSFULLY happy!

No matter what, I'd choose scenario #2 any day... but at least there are a few advantages to scenario #1.

I'll write more later if I end up testing.

*I just realized that I don't know how to type a "cents" symbol (the c with a vertical line thru it) on a keyboard. I guess people don't generally write about anything less than $1 anymore and it doesn't have a spot on the modern keyboard.

**Yes, this RE's post-ET instruction sheet says "No sex or orgasms during the first trimester." I really doubt that this has any basis in scientific fact, and I'll definitely be questioning it if I do end up with a BFP.


Lorrie said...

Yeah! Your first symptoms!! How exciting!

poppy.f.seed said...

I like your 2 scenarios, and agree 2 is better, but 1 sounds fun. I think no sex during first tri is a bit ridiculous! I'd ask for some reasoning. You're mfi right?
tell us asap when you test, if you do!

sarah23 said...

Yes, MFI (specifically, morphology of 1%) is our main problem. I'll definitely ask for some reasoning... if and when I need to!

Jen said...

Well, good luck! I can't wait to hear about your trip. I also have a vacation planned after my beta and figure that either way, a vacation will be in order.

My RE also says no sex during the first tri. Boo!