Wednesday, January 16, 2008

12 DPIUI #2

...and no symptoms whatsoever, except for that vaginal irritation thing that happens to me after a few days of using the progesterone suppositories. I must confess, I am taking fewer than the prescribed number. 1) I don't think I need them, 2) the dose that I am supposed to take is 2-3 x as much as other people have been prescribed, and 3) they irritate some very precious areas and cause yellowish discharge and burning. So, yeah, I am using them, but I have decreased the dose just a bit!

I wish I could say that I have cramping, breast tenderness, or anything else, but I feel absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. I also realize that I am out of Dollar Tree home pregnancy tests. I do own two digital pregnancy tests which are buried in the back of the closet, and which I bought about 4-5 months ago when they went on sale at Target. However, I long ago vowed that I will not use them until I have at least some kind of minimal line on a cheapo HPT. I'd rather look at a glaring white test strip than the cruel words, "NOT PREGNANT"! So, it looks like I won't be testing 'til Saturday (15DPIUI!!) this month, which will be my first chance to go to Dollar Tree..

In hematology clinic today we saw a woman who is a few years older than me, and who is in her second trimester of pregnancy. When I first read this the patient list, I thought, "Oh...great! Just what I needed today! Another reminder of how easy it is for most people to get pregnant."

However, upon reading her chart in more detail, I realized that she is pregnant via IVF for MFI, which is the problem that S and I have! AND...she got pregnant at the same clinic that we go to! After I realized this, I felt much happier about meeting her. Beforehand, I wondered if I would end up making any subtle comment along the lines of, "Believe me, I know how hard it can be..." but as it turns out, she was SO anxious that there was never a moment where it would have been appropriate to do so.

Afterwards, I was eating lunch with my colleague B, and he told me that his wife is 8 weeks pregnant. He immediately apologized for having to tell me (as he knows that S & I have been trying for quite a while now), which was nice of him, but unnecessary. I'm happy for them! He reminded me that it took them 24 months to get pregnant with #1, and 18 months to get pregnant with this child, #2. S & I are in Cycle 13. He is kind of a member of the "relax and it will happen" school. He attributes his wife's pregnancy to the fact that he recently signed a contract for his job for next year, so they no longer have the question of "where will we be living and what will our income be on July 1st?" looming over their head. He told me, "You'll get pregnant as soon as your job stuff gets settled."

Speaking of which... some promising things happened for me on the job front over the weekend. Nothing is settled quite yet, but it looks pretty good. I shouldn't say any more than that just yet. :)


Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

OMG I'm dying for you to test!

I think 12 DPIUI is too early for any real telltale symptoms. Hang in there.

Meghan said...

I agree, don't use the digital yet. Those things are down right cruel if it's still too early for a pos.

Good luck waiting this weekend. Can't wait for you to test!

Cindy Nguyen said...

Good call on reducing the Prog doses. I'm dying for you to test. No symptoms is not a bad sign.

Everything crossed for you!!!

P.S. Since you are in SD, go Chargers!!