Sunday, January 20, 2008

16 DPIUI#2

After not bothering to temp yesterday, but not feeling any cramps yet, I did check my temp this morning. It actually went up a bit today, but I'm not going to let myself even think about it... (Although, I am obviously letting myself blog about it). A few hours beforehand, I had woken up sweating (usually a sign that my temp is dropping fast), and I had a migraine yesterday. Both of these suggest that my period will be here any time!! Not to mention the lack of even the slightest pregnancy symptoms. Hrrrrumph!

There's not even a pregnancy test in this house (except my secret stash of digitals), and I am NOT going to test. I truly always have these protacted luteal phases and I have gotten to 17 DPO before, only to have my period show up then. That's probably what happening again this month. The only strange thing is that my temperature started dropping earlier than usual this cycle, so I thought that my period would start earlier than usual. I think that something about giganto-follicle (28mm) has thrown things out of whack.

In the meantime, I actually finished up most of that horrendous To Do list that I posted last weekend (other than the last item). What a relief!! Today, I remain on "backup call" for consults at the hospital, but I hope to be around here to watch this Charger-Patriots game. Go Chargers! I lived in Boston for 4 years (college), during the Drew Bledsoe era, so I actually like the Patriots too...unless they are playing the Chargers.

We scheduled an appointment with Dr G to discuss IVF on Monday, January 28th. As for this next cycle, I still haven't decided whether to use Clomid or go au natural, but we are definitely planning to do IUI again. It's scary how quickly I am getting used to shelling out all of this $$$ every month.

I am so thrilled to see that FOUR of the women on my "Other Sites I Frequent" blogroll are now pregnant! What an inspiration!!


Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

I'm not giving up on this cycle just yet ;)

Stay away AF!

sarah23 said...

Unfortunately she just arrived! On to Cycle 14!!

Meghan said...

Sorry that witch just showed up. I guess now you can drink up during the game without worrying (always trying to find the silver lining).

Best of luck with whatever you decide for your next cycle

alison said...

Ugh, sorry to see AF paid a visit! :( Hopefully next cycle is the one you've been waiting for!

Thank you SO much for your advice with my aunt's cancer stuff. I'm trying to find out for sure what the meds are she'll be on. Thankfully her cousin is a oncology nurse so she's been great at providing info too, but I really appreciate "knowing" someone who can explain things to me, so thank you! :o)

Jen said...

Ugh. I'm sorry that witch showed. I always have a 16 day long LP too, which meant that it seemed like forever before AF would arrive.

alison said...

Hey Sarah - I just got some more info from my aunt on the specific drugs in her treatment plan. Would you mind if I emailed them to you to get your two cents? I know you're super busy, so I totally understand if you don't want to. But if you do, you could email my and I'll reply to that. Thanks a ton!!

And I just realized that you and I both met our husbands in the same month and got married in the same month. Nifty. I should use the term "met" lightly for my husband - I'd spent the previous 9 months avoiding him at work because he annoyed me. :)