Wednesday, January 2, 2008

CD12: Achy Breaky Left Ovary

Thanks everyone for your reassurances about my last interaction at the RE's office. It made me feel better that you guys don't think that I was being "difficult." :) Hopefully they will forget about it, and hopefully I'll get to deal with one of the other nurses tomorrow. There are at least two other nurses there, so I have a decent chance of getting someone different. If it is Susan again, I'll just try to act pleasant anyway.

I just wanted to state on record (before knowing my ultrasound results) that my left ovary feels a little bit achy again. It was like that on CD13 and CD14 last month (when I had two nice follicles developing). So, I'm curious whether I have eggs on the left side AGAIN, and if so, how large they are. My ultrasound is at 9:30 AM tomorrow (Thursday).

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alison said...

Lots of luck! Can't wait for the update... :)