Thursday, January 3, 2008

Gigantofollicle and a Megapositive OPK!


I was correct about the aching in my left ovary. It has 3 follicles: 15 mm, 15 mm, and a gigantofollicle of 28 mm. No wonder I am feeling it. My R ovary, on the other hand, is being lazy and is doing very little. My lining was 12.5 mm, which they said was great.

Dr. G and Dr. W (the new, younger woman) watched my ultrasound today. They did not seem alarmed by the presence of the 28 mm gigantofollicle. (From what I have read, people usually O in the low 20s). Dr G nonchalantly said, "Oh, Clomid tends to make big follicles."

He asked if I had done any OPKs yet, and I told him no, but I was planning to start today. So, the tenative plan was for me to check OPKs today and tomorrow, and if nothing by tomorrow, I would give myself an Ovidrel injection tomorrow night (Friday). I asked about the cost, and it is $70-something at the pharmacy in the building. This would result in an IUI on Saturday, which is bad timing because I am scheduled to work all day. (This particular job is a moonlighting position in a chemotherapy infusion center, and one day's work pretty much pays for one round of IUI, including the meds and ultrasounds.)

I went ahead and scheduled the IUI for Saturday, and then called my friend P, begging him to cover me at the infusion center for 1-2 hours on Saturday morning. He is the guy who has gone through a lot of IF stuff with his wife, so I kinda expected him to be sympathetic to my plight. He said he would probably be able to cover a couple hours in the morning for me, but he would get back to me. Fortunately, the RE's office is about 3 blocks from the Cancer Center, so it is pretty convenient.

Next, I came over to lab (one of my many workplaces) and checked my OPK in the bathroom. OMG. It is not only positive, but it is the most positive OPK that I have ever seen in about 8 months of checking them! I will add in a picture of it later, maybe.

So, I just called back the RE's office and told them. Of course, I am scared that the OPK was positive yesterday, too, making today O day. Unfortunately, I never checked it yesterday. I hate to admit it, but I will: that nurse Susan was right! I should NOT have waited until CD13 for this ultrasound! Also, I should have started checking my OPKs a few days ago. I guess that Clomid can sometimes make you ovulate earlier than what is typical for you.

I am kinda hoping that we will do the IUI this afternoon, but this office usually doesn't like to do them in the afternoons. There are a lot of other boring details about trying to coordinate S's deposit and the RE's schedule with S's own patient schedule -- (he is a psychologist). The nurse is going to call me back in a few minutes and let me know what works for them. Meanwhile, I just called P back and told him, "Never mind, Saturday is out."

ARGH! I am stressed and excited all at the same time!


Yodasmistress said...

I had a Huyoooge follie one cycle and I was singing the "Gigantor" theme song while the RE's med student/assistant was doing my scan. He was trying really hard not not laugh but in the end my singing got the best of him! ;-)

sarah23 said...

Do you remember how big yours was? Inquiring minds want details to obsess over! :)